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1A Khoryva Street,
Kiev, 04071, Ukraine
+380 44 362 0189, +380 44 393 4012, +380 67 538 3005

Patent law company IPStyle focuses on intellectual property projects. For over 8 years we have been helping our clients to protect their creations and inventions. The approach to every project is unique. Therefore, we collaborate closely with business and industry consultants to make personalized business solutions for our clients based on the applicable IP law of Ukraine. We have in-depth experience both in trademark and patent law, and that's why we use complex approaches for cases involving intellectual property. Our experts focus on developing intellectual property protection strategy as well as the tax aspects of IP projects, including royalty, payments for transferring rights.

Due to our professionalism and specialized comprehensive approach, our customers include confectionery, dairy and pharmaceutical companies, information technology firms, etc. Our service is client-oriented and flexible.